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I have created an article in increasing your reach in Linked wherein I talked about having two kinds of visitors in your website. They are the guest and the web engine crawlers.

In order for you to rank, you need to ensure that your catering to both. How? You might ask. Well, you need to know what does each requires.

For your humam guest, you need to have valuable content. Avoid repetitive keywords on your page. Gone are the days of doing that. It is not advisable and no one will go back to your site if all you are doing is repeating the words on each of the sentences. So, you need to provide content. Content that can help your audience or guest improve their work, income or solve a problem. Yep give value to them and they will come back to your site.

For the web engines crawlers, welcome them into your site. These are going to index you on their search engines. Mind you that search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo… and many more have their standards and requirements. Well talk more about it on the upcoming articles.

For now lets talk the common items these crawlers look into your site. They require a good image name and description. They would know that it an image, a png or gif. but wouldn’t know if it is relevant to your content. So try to put in a description on them in the ALT tags. They also need to have a good link between the pages. If they landed on a page with a dead link, they wouldn’t be able to continue to see your other important content. And will probably tag your site as unimortatnt to their records and that will push you back in the search engines.

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