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Attention Entrepreneurs, Trainers, Course Creators, IT Professionals and Coaches!

Technical and Leadership Training Ideas

You know the process so well and you feel good in training others, but just couldn’t transfer your content to digital learning.  I can help and work hand in hand with you in organiziing your content, design and blend the right methodology for your audience and help you convert your content to digital ready training for internet and mobile friendly modules.


Worried you couldn’t keep up? We know how busy you are, yet you want to make things happen fast, Allow me to provide you guidelines, how to’s documentation and templates that you can use as a reference training material whenever you need it,

Online Training Business System

Don’t know how you can set-up a LMS,  integrate the payment system, and market your course to your target audience?
Allow me to costumize your very own “Online Training Business System”, Provide your service to target audience and monetize your content 

Trainers Kit

Don’t know how to make  the creative design for your training maual, PowerPoint, nor have time to put your content to a training kit?  We will assist you in creation and publication of training manuals, Power Point and trainees manual.

Your Online Training Business.

Stay focus on track 
and get things done

Making your ideas into reality can be tough without the support from a trainer, instructional designer, media developer, web programmer, hosting specialist, and digital marketing specialist.

All you need to know is inside the blueprint I created. I am giving it to you for free for you to have a clear understanding of :
  * Writing a learning objective.
  * Design a training methodology.
  * Create or convert your learning content to digital modules.
  * Taking video recording of you giving training.
  * edit video
  * Loading content to your digital platform. It can LMS or Social  Media platform.
  * Setting up your payment system for your digital enrollment.
  * Customizing your sales funnel.
  * Market your content by creating social media strategy, content calendar, email marketing.

All that valuable content is in the blueprint. See how you can make your ideas to reality. Its all yours by simply clicking on the button and completing a simple form. 


A few things we’re great at

A Sustainable and Customized Training and Administration System is the Best Support You’ll Ever Have To Create Online Asset That Earns You Money While You Sleep.

Domain and Hosting

Your brand starts with a name you display in public as your internet address.  People will come to your webpages using the domain you identify.  Get your domain name and host your pages with us.  We provide a great 24/7 support and training you need for your hosting, SSL Certificates, and professional email.

Learning Management System

Everything you need to create, sell, and protect engaging online courses.  We help you with your online course and  convert your expertise & life experiences into income by creating impactful and engaging courses. That you can offer as a membership or enrollment. Helps you build a strong income generating teaching business or membership site.

Media Creation

Now a days, digital training content is distributed through computer and mobile browser.  It can be in the form of presentation material, video and audio format. Depending on your course design we provide assistance in creating and editing your actual video training and podcast audio content. 


From idea to reality, make your real.

You can’t figure how you can whip the time to your busy schedule. You always wanted to create your course and sell it to your target audience but could not figure how to organize and design the content and publish it. Worry no more. You can organize your content, create the activities and methodologies, set-up payment system, and market it directly to your clients. Get your blueprint now.


Designing course content is key to learners learning.


Making easy payment for your students secures your business.


Engage learners with your the blended learning approac


Improve employees competeny.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

With the solutions as an all-in-one solution I can finally stop stringing together all these different products made by different companies that don’t always work well together. No separate third party membership, ecommerce, or gamification plugins are required!

Gi Patalinhug



With the Internet spreading linke wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, more and more traffic is directed to websites in search for information.

Online courses & Programs

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Blended Learning Scenarios

Have your idea into reality.  Get your free Blueprint today.